Class of 2017 Graduation Information

Graduation Information
LHS Seniors and Parents
May 2017

The Lincoln High School Class of 2017 will graduate on Sunday, May 28 at 6:00 p.m. at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

All family and friends are invited to come celebrate this accomplishment. Please read the information below prior to attending. It will give you all the information you need for a successful graduation!

Appropriate Dress
Caps and Gowns were to be picked up on May 10th. You should hang the gown on a hanger to help remove the wrinkles. The cap should have a tassel worn on the right side before graduation. Nothing is to be added to the cap or gown. Members of the National Honor Society will be wearing sashes, IB Diploma Seniors will be wearing an IB cord, and seniors who have earned Achievement Awards are encouraged to wear their medals. Seniors are expected to wear “dress” clothes and “dress” shoes with their gown. Nothing is to be taken into the arena under the gown that will be brought out later to distract from the ceremony. Caps/Gowns are yours to keep after the ceremony.

Pictures and Videos
There will be a professional photographer taking pictures at the bottom of the stage after each student receives their diploma. Parents will be given the opportunity to purchase a copy of the picture. A DVD of the graduation ceremony is also being produced. We will have a large screen to project a live picture as each graduate crosses the stage and families will have the opportunity to purchase a copy of this video. Because these professional pictures and videos will be available, we hope family members will be able to relax and enjoy the ceremony and not worry about taking pictures. Family members will not be able to go onto the floor to take personal pictures.

Arrival and Meeting place
Each senior must arrive at Pinnacle Bank Arena and go to the back waiting area (follow the signs) by 5:00 p.m. The waiting area is behind the stage area. Only graduates will be allowed to enter the area prior to the graduation ceremony. Graduates are asked to not bring food or drink into Pinnacle Bank Arena. Before the graduation ceremony, staff members will be going over last minute instructions and checking to be sure each graduate has a cap, gown and tassel.

Behavior of Seniors
We are expecting that all members of the senior class will show appropriate behavior during the ceremony. Most students and parents do not want a few students or members of the audience to interrupt nor draw attention away from the speakers, singers, or from the senior who is receiving a diploma. We do not want an embarrassing experience for family or friends. We hope that all students and parents will honor the wishes of the majority and help create a ceremony that is in keeping with the dignity of the occasion. Students who interrupt the ceremony may be asked to leave the ceremony and/or their diplomas may be withheld until a parent conference can be held at a later date.

No Seating Allowed on the Arena Floor -- Because of the seating and stage configuration at Pinnacle Bank Arena, parents or family members will not be allowed on the floor before, or during, the graduation ceremony. This includes being allowed access to the floor for photographs during the ceremony. Only graduates and faculty members are allowed on the floor during the ceremony. Seating for individuals with disabilities are available and Pinnacle Bank Arena staff can direct you to those seating areas.

Please remember for security reasons all visitors to PBA will have bags searched and be asked to open their jackets/coats when entering the facility. If you are planning to bring a commencement gift for your graduate, please know that Pinnacle Bank Arena does not allow balloons of any kind and they will be confiscated at the front entrance.

There are numerous parking garages located in the vicinity of Pinnacle Bank Arena as well as metered spaces in the Railyard Area around the Arena.

Audience Expectations
We ask that family members and other spectators help keep the ceremony appropriate and focused on the graduating seniors. Horns or other items that might interrupt the graduation are not allowed into Pinnacle Bank Arena. All students deserve to have their friends and family members hear their name as it is read. Students who are performing a song or delivering a speech deserve to be heard by everyone in the audience. There will be no recessional at the end of the graduation ceremony.
Questions? Please call Mark Larson, Principal, at 402-436-1544 or email:

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