2009 LHS Senior Awards

LHS Old School

Senior Awards Convocation
Lincoln High School

May 14, 2009

“Pomp and Circumstance”                                          Terry Rush, LHS Band Director

Welcome                                                                                  Mike Wortman, Principal

Flag Salute                                                   Carly Williams, Student Council President

Opening Remarks                                                                   Mike Wortman, Principal

Co-Convenors                                                                                 Joanna Davis-Yoakum

                                                                                                                    John Heineman

LHS Senior Awards                                                                                 LHS Dept. Chairs

                                                                                         and Faculty Members

Community Awards                                                                               LHS Dept. Chairs
College Scholarships                                                                               LHS Dept. Chairs

National Merit Awards                                          Jessie Carlson, Associate Principal

Top 3% Awards                                                        Jessie Carlson, Associate Principal

4.0 GPA Honorees                                                        Russ Uhing, Associate Principal

Closing Remarks                                                                      Mike Wortman, Principal


For a complete listing of the Senior Awards, download the Senior Awards Convocation booklet (pdf)