ELL (English Language Learners)

ELL Programs and Services at Lincoln High School

Services provided assist students with limited English skills to function in the regular English-speaking classroom, to develop proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening in English, and to develop knowledge about the customs and culture of the school, community and nation.  Those providing services at the building level include:  ELL teachers, Bilingual Liaisons, ELL coach, ELL counselor, ELL Advocate and the ELL Administrator.

Direct services in the form of classes are offered as follows:

Level 1 – 4 periods of direct instruction

Level 2 – 3 periods of direct instruction

Level 3 – 2 periods of direct instruction

Level 4 – 1 period of direct instruction


Expectations for Staff

ELL teachers at all levels may be helpful in facilitating resource information about many cultures and languages within the community. Any student with suspected limited English proficiency must be referred to the ELL program for assessment.

Current LHS ELL Staff:

Teachers:  Lindy Anderson, Susanne Cramer, Sarai Douglas-Schultz, Susan Hertzler (Dept. Chair), Sharon Kreimer, and Elizabeth Okereke.

Bilingual Liaisons: Sebit Deng, Guy Laam, Konstantin Lisovskiy, Nhung Nguyen, Hugo Orellana, Pae Pae, and Shaima Shakir.

Coach: Anne Hubbell

Counselor: Van Nguyen

Advocate: Lisa Tolliver

Administrator: Chandra Diaz-DeBose