Everything You Wanted to Know About PROM and Post Prom 2018

Here is all the information you would ever want to know regarding PROM 2018  'Dancing in the Moonlight'

• Saturday, April 14th
• Pla Mor Ballroom – 6600 West O Street, Lincoln, NE 68528
• 8:30 to 11:30 p.m. – arrange for transportation to be there at 11:30
• Coronation will take place at 10:30 p.m.

Ticket Sales:
1. Tickets will only be sold to Lincoln High students who are currently juniors or seniors.
2. Ticket sales will begin Tuesday, April 10th and end on Thursday, April 12th Tickets will NOT be sold on Friday!
3. ALL FINES MUST BE PAID IN ORDER TO PURCHASE A TICKET! (check Synergy or the list posted outside of room 200F) Fines can be paid at school or online. Click HERE for directions on how to pay fines online using School Pay.
4. Tickets will be sold during both A & B lunches and after school until 3:30 outside the Treasurer’s office.
     a. Ticket price is $20 on Tuesday & Wednesday
     b. Ticket price increases to $25 on Thursday (buy early)!!!
5. In order to purchase tickets, you will need your LH school ID (if defaced or damaged, you will be asked to purchase a new one).
     a. New ID’s can be purchased for $3 ($4 if you need a lanyard) in the counseling office.

Outside Guests:
1. If bringing a non-LH student, you must bring a photo ID, or copy of the photo ID in order to purchase a ticket for them. If needed, we will photocopy the photo ID and return the original to you. A Prom Registration Form must also be filled out prior to purchasing the ticket. Forms can be picked up in the main office, counseling office, or treasurer’s office.

2. You can only bring ONE date to Prom and if that date is an outside person, they must check in with their LH date.

3. LHS student’s responsibility to share dance expectations/guidelines with outside guest.

1. In order to get into the dance, student will need to present their ticket and school ID (LH if a LH student or appropriate school or photo ID for non-LH students).
     a. Any non-LH student (or underclassman) must arrive with their LH date.

2. Students will need to arrive and be in the designated area by the advertised starting time. The doors will close at 10:00 p.m. and students will not be allowed to enter after this time.

3. Students may NOT leave and re-enter.

4. All guidelines in the Student Handbook and the LPS Responsibilities of students will apply to students and their guests while at the dance.  There will be a security presence on premises.

5. Inappropriate sexual references and movements or violence are not allowed. When a dancer exhibits any of these inappropriate motions, they will be given one warning and then removed if it continues. If a student is removed, a staff member will notify the parents/guardian regarding arrangements for transportation. Other consequences could be determined by the school or school district including restrictions from other dances and similar activities.
     a. Inappropriate dancing includes: 1) touching while dancing back to front, 2) touching of breasts, buttocks or genital areas, 3) feet that are raised off the floor and hands that are touching the floor, 4) “hiking-up” of skirts or dresses, 5) leaning against the wall while dancing, and 6) dancing that appears to be “simulating sex” or “grinding”.

6. A coat/purse/shoe check will be available for students who want a safe place to keep personal items.


Creating a SAFE and FUN environment:
• Our hope is that our school dances are very special events for our students as they interact in positive ways in a safe and supervised environment.
• Music – a variety of music will be played. The DJ will not accept requests for songs the night of the dance. If you have a song you would like to hear, please request it with a student council member or Mrs. Barnes. All songs will be previewed and either approved or denied.
• Lights – there will be some “lighting” at the dance to ensure student safety.
• Dancing:
o All students will receive a wristband when they enter the dance acknowledging their acceptance of dance guidelines. Students must be wearing a wristband at all times or will be asked to leave the dance.
o Any student not meeting the standards/expectations will be asked to step from the dance floor and debrief with a staff member. This will be considered a warning and the wristband will be marked.
o If a student is asked to debrief with a staff member a second time, he/she will be walked to a specified location to call his/her parent or guardian to arrange for transportation home. Their wristband will be clipped and the student will not be allowed to re-enter the dance. No money will be returned to the student.
o Any student who is asked to leave may be placed on a safety plan or receive a longer restriction from dances and/or similar activities based on the need to keep them and students around them safe. The plan will be made during school hours with students and parent/guardian(s).

Post Prom Flyer:  Click Here