PSAT Test at Lincoln High on October 18

The PSAT is coming! The PSAT will be given on Saturday, October 18 from 7:45 am--11:00 am at Lincoln High. Sales begin 10/7 and end 10/16. Tickets are $22.00 and students should bring their cash or check to the bookkeeper(Ms. Loth) in room 200R, during both lunches, or after school.  Students will then bring their receipt to Ms. Leick in the Counseling Center to register for the PSAT. If you have questions, please see Mrs. Schuster-Graff in the Counseling Center.

This test is designed specifically for juniors planning to attend a 4-year college.  Reasons students might want to take the PSAT:

  • practice for the “real” admissions tests (SAT and ACT) which they will take in the spring of the junior year and fall of the senior year;
  • have college information sent to them “automatically”
  • get information about how their skills in critical reading, math reasoning, and writing compare to other students who plan to go to a 4-year college;
  • plan courses to take before they graduate from LHS;
  • enter the National Merit Scholarship Competition.

Although the PSAT is designed for juniors, sophomores and freshmen often take it in order to give themselves practice for the test during their junior year.  As a result, they might be in the running for National Merit Scholarships, if they receive high scores on the PSAT as juniors.  Again,the main purpose in taking the test would be to prepare students to do better on the PSAT when they take it in the junior year, increasing the possibility that they could qualify for a National Merit Scholarship.