The Social Studies department at Lincoln High offers a number of required and elective courses aimed at making students informed citizens and life-long learners. Along with knowledge of history, government and society, the department focuses on developing critical thinking, reading comprehension and writing skills. The courses required for graduation include Civics, Geography, World History, US History and Government and Politics. Our elective choices include History of Sports, Civil Rights History, History of the Holocaust, Psychology and Sociology. Our teachers strive to make the content in every class relevant to the students’ everyday lives and help students explore their interests and recognize their true potential.

Social Studies

  • Covers history, civics, geography, economics, political science, psychology;
  • Helps students make informed decisions and work towards improving the community;
  • Develops a strong sense of justice and fairness while learning respect for differing viewpoints;
  • Gives students experience in predicting effects from causes, and creating hypotheses;

Social Studies instruction is:

  • Meaningful–useful to the students and relatable to their lives;
  • Integrated– a broad range of current knowledge is used in all curricular areas;
  • Evaluative–students are taught to gather and analyze data;
  • Challenging–several viewpoints on controversial topics are heard, giving the students multiple dimensions (e.g. legal, social or historical, ethical) to consider;
  • Active–students are given multiple ways to participate in the learning process