English Curriculum at LPS

Mastery of the English language is central to learning. Our democratic society and economy require informed and literate citizens who can read with comprehension, write with clarity, speak and listen effectively, and analyze language critically. Instruction in the English Language Arts provides students with these essential skills and strategies for personal, educational, workplace, and social situations. In comprehensive English courses, grades 7-10, students receive direct instruction and guided practice to improve their

  • reading skills and strategies,
  • writing and revision skills,
  • oral communication skills when speaking and listening,
  • creative and critical thinking skills,
  • research skills,
  • knowledge of language usage, punctuation, and capitalization conventions.

In elective courses students extend and apply their basic English skills and knowledge. Specialized study of literature provides students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of a particular historic context, literary genre, cultural perspective, or written form. Specialized courses in reading strengthen reading strategies and skills for transition to adult work and study. Specialized courses in writing strengthen writing skills and organization in a variety of written forms. After school activities in journalism, speech, debate, and drama develop student leadership, the ability to manage deadlines, technical expertise, poise and self confidence.