Many high schools have a mascot to represent the students and alumni. In many cases the mascot is a strong, fast, or courageous animal or person. A mascot is used to represent all that is good about the school as students compete with other schools. The mascot is a symbolic figure that is used to bring teams good luck in their pursuit of success.

Many people ask about the Lincoln High mascot, the LINKS. The LINKS have been around for many years, at least since the 1920’s. Some speak of teamwork represented by the LINKS, a chain that can’t be broken. The class of 1970 donated the large LINKS statue that has been located on the front lawn of Lincoln High School and visible to thousands of people who drive on Capital Parkway every day. But, what do the LINKS represent? Since there are four LINKS on the statue, they have come to represent four themes or characteristics that make up all that is good about Lincoln High School.

One LINK stands for “Tradition”. As the oldest school in Lincoln, and one of the oldest in the state, several traditions have developed since 1871. Some students are the third or fourth generation of family members to attend Lincoln High School. The rich history of the accomplishments of our students and alumni as well as events such as Joynite and prom are all part of the “Tradition” of being a LINK. A second LINK stands for “Diversity”.  Since it’s beginning, Lincoln High has been THE high school for Lincoln with students from every corner of the city. We have always celebrated the differences that each student brings to our learning community. Students who attend Lincoln High School experience the real world.  Students with different abilities, incomes, languages, races, religions, political beliefs, and career goals all find a home at Lincoln High. Our students are able to see how things look from the other side of the intersection because of relationships that they develop at school.  A third LINK stands for “Excellence.” In everything we do, we want to be sure we are pushing ourselves to do our best. Lincoln High students have excelled in every area of endeavor.  Our music students, drama students, athletic teams, clubs, and student council are all examples of groups that have distinguished themselves. And individual Lincoln High students have been represented in every list of National Merit Finalists, Regents Scholarship winners, Academic All-State teams, or any other group of high school students being recognized.  The fourth LINK stands for “Unity”. While we have a diverse student body and diverse alumni, whenever something good happens to any LINK, every LINK everywhere feels the accomplishment. It is exciting to see students from many different backgrounds work together to make a team successful or to complete a project or task. Once a LINK, a person is always part of the Lincoln High family.

The LINK mascot is unique in many ways, but that only adds to the important reason that it fits Lincoln High School, which is a unique school with very special students and alumni all over the world. The students and staff members of Lincoln High School plan to continue striving to live up to the four principles or themes that our mascot represents. Then we can say the traditional statement started by Bill Pfeiff from the class of 1936, “Another Lincoln High job well done.”