Lincoln Public Schools is proud to have outstanding athletic and activity programs for our students. We welcome and encourage your attendance and appreciate your support of these programs. To ensure that everyone attending has an enjoyable and safe experience we would like to pass on a few reminders for students and families attending these events. Athletics and activities are part of the educational experience and students are expected to follow schoollevel expectations for acceptable behaviors. When students are at any school activity, whether at their school, another school, or LPS venue, they must behave in a manner that represents their school and themselves well.

  • When attending games and activities at Seacrest Field, students and adults must select which side of the stadium they want to sit on upon entering the stadium. (Home team fans enter and sit on the west side. Visiting team fans are located on the east side.)
  • All spectators should remain in the stands for the duration of the contest. Fans are not allowed to be on the field and should not cross the field to reach the opposite side of the stadium. Fans should not block stairs and ramps entrance and exit locations.
  • Seacrest Field maintains a no re-entry policy, which means fans must pay for admission should they choose to leave the stadium and want to re-enter. Adult and high school student passes are good for one admission per event only.
  • High School Students will only be allowed to enter on their school’s side of the stadium if their school is playing. High school students can use their pass to attend another school’s events if their school is not playing at the site, entering on either side of the stadium.
  • It is expected that all students display appropriate and respectful behavior during the presentation of the flag and the playing of the National Anthem.
  • Students are expected to sit in the stands during the game and not run around in the stands, aisles, or on the concourse level. Students are not allowed to bring in additional items such as balls, skateboards, hoverboards, or other items that are determined to be inappropriate by supervising staff. In order to maintain a safe area, students are not allowed to play on the upper concourse area.
  • Student behavior is expected to align with school expectations. Students using foul language or participating in actions deemed inappropriate by event supervisors may be asked to sit with an adult or leave the game. Student names may be reported to the school principal for further disciplinary measures.

Beginning this fall, the LPS expectation for all Football and Soccer games held at Seacrest or Beechner fields is that teams leave the field immediately after their post-game field meetings. Athletes will no longer be allowed to approach their respective sidelines/stands.

The reason for this new post-game protocol is twofold: First, for the safety and security of athletes and spectators. Movement out of the stadium(s) will be safer and more uniform, and limiting the proximity of large groups will diminish the possibility of negative or adverse interactions following the contest. Second, for the purpose of schedule/time, it is crucial that we expedite clearing the stadiums/fields.

We understand this new protocol will require a paradigm shift, and we will appreciate your continued support and assistance as we work to implement this change.

Lincoln Public Schools thanks all students and families for their cooperation and compliance with these expectations. We look forward to seeing you at our games and activities to cheer and support our high schools.