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Welcome to Lincoln High!

 Mark LarsonWelcome to Lincoln High School, home of the Links. At Lincoln High School, our mission is to prepare each student to use multiple perspectives and individual talents to live, learn, and work in a diverse society. That statement embodies our beliefs in the value of each student, in diversity, and in our responsibility to prepare all of our students for what comes after high school. I am proud to work alongside a talented and committed staff at Lincoln High who care deeply about students and their success.

At Lincoln High School our School Improvement Goals are:

1. To improve reading skills for all students across the content areas
2. To increase engagement for all students

To achieve these goals, Lincoln High School has many unique opportunities for our students to learn and engage in the learning process. We are one of three high schools in Nebraska that is an International Baccalaureate World School. This challenging program pushes students academically and personally, as they find their place in our ever-changing world. At LHS, we also offer many opportunities for our students to be involved and engaged outside of the classroom. From music to clubs, from Theatre to sports, Lincoln High students can find their own unique niche. Also, through 9th and 10th Grade Teaming at Lincoln High School, each student is known and valued as an individual. In 9th and 10th grade, our students are placed on teams with about 60 other students who share common teachers, administrators, and counselors who meet weekly to track student progress and put supports in place to help students be successful.

In order to achieve our goals, and in order for each student to be successful we know that is going to take a team effort. This means that teachers, support staff, students, parents, and community members have to come together. I look forward to meeting you and working together to help our students fulfill their potential.

Mark Larson
Lincoln High School


The Lincoln Public Schools District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, age, genetic information, citizenship status or economic status in its programs, activities and employment.